My name is Kurt Kramer.  I was born in Muncie in 1968 and graduated from Delta High School in 1987. I graduated from Ball State University in 1991 with a Bachelors in Education.  My original plan was to teach and coach, but there weren't many teaching positions available in this community or the surrounding areas in 1991. I had always liked Muncie and I knew it was where I wanted to stay so I began my career in the insurance business here in 1994.

My first customer service role came at an early age - yes, I was a paper boy at the age of 9 when I helped my brother out while he was at baseball, football, and basketball practice.  Muncie used to have two papers back then, the Morning "Star" and the evening "Press".  I delivered the "Press".  I learned valuable lessons at an early age.  I learned customer service is #1. I also learned the importance of being proactive.  I knew I had better have that paper delivered before the head of the house got home or I would have an angry phone call to deal with.  The job also taught me the value of hard work and money.  I held this paper route until the age of 18.  

I started with Farm Bureau Insurance of Delaware County and learned all that I could.  It was like going to college all over again.  There is a lot of information when it comes to insurance and I tried to pick up as much of that knowledge as possible.  It wasn't that I was an insurance "geek", but more so because I didn't like to be embarrassed.  While I still absorb all the knowledge of the industry that I can, that was then.  Now I am OK with being embarrassed because in this world if you can't laugh at yourself you're in for a long day every day.

I received a phone call three years into my Farm Bureau experience from a man name Kurt Mckinley who owned a local agency in Muncie and wanted a young, commercial insurance producer, someone that wasn't afraid to knock on the door of businesses and ask to quote their insurance.  I thought it sounded really interesting.  The pay was good and I liked protecting businesses, I also liked learning from the owners about their mistakes and successes.  It was a good decision to start working for United Insurance and the education just continued.

After 6 months, I was approached by Ron Thomas, the VP of United Insurance.  You see, Ron had this thing called a "niche market" and it seemed that it was a really good insurance program.  Ron asked me to join his division and start working this niche.  Next thing you know, I was writing insurance in 32 states and traveling the US.  I was involved in this niche for 11 years, even taking on the title Marketing Director for the agency. I got to continue to sell while taking on the responsibility of marketing for the insurance companies we dealt with.  Things were great, business was good, and I was meeting all sorts of insurance company reps and learning what their companies could do for our clients.  

After 11 years with this fine company, I still wasn't satisfied. It was becoming more and more difficult to deal with a client over the phone in Texas when he had another agent across his desk in his office. I wanted to reach my clients on a one on one, face to face approach. So, I decided I wanted to get back into general insurance in the Muncie market.  It just so happened at the time that two other agents had switched agencies that year and there were a lot of prospects that weren't sure what to do.  This is when I figured out that building relationships is the most important aspect of the insurance business.  I spent about 12 months working more on general insurance and less on the niche.  I liked the change.

Another phone call, this one from a local agent.  The agent had recently switched working for Morrison Galliher. He and I began to talk and discovered we had similar goals when it came to general business insurance. I decided to take the position of Vice President with Morrison Galliher. The experience was good and I will never forget what I learned at there.  The position was challenging and rewarding and everything I wanted, as well as some that I didn't.  Most importantly, I met some good people when it came to the ownership group and the staff.  They allowed me to grow in my knowledge and experience.  But the big business attitude of agencies made me feel that the most important part of insurance - the relationship, the personal touch and care of service -  was being forgotten. In my opinion, as long as the focus is on taking care of clients, then your clients will take care of you. I still had a desire to start something new that put those values first.

I decided it was time to start Kramer Insurance, a quality, comprehensive, service oriented insurance agency.  And yes, I am budget conscious for my clients and I am not afraid to say it.  Insurance is a necessity. I have been part of using insurance to repair businesses that were certain to be devastated without it.  I have been a part of putting families back in their houses after a fire and repaired and replaced many damaged vehicles.  I have also been on the side of delivering a check to a family that lost not only a dad, husband, and a brother, but also his ability to pay for the day to day expenses.  That check may not have replaced their loved one, but it kept them in their house, allowing them to continue on with their lives. Insurance ensured that the tragedy ddid not destroy their family

So, I guess you can say I am an insurance agent and proud of it!

Kramer Insurance is an independent agency, solely owned by me. There are no outsiders here. 

Kramer Insurance provides first class service. I provide insurance for: Business, Home, Life, and Auto. There is no client too small or too big. I can help them all. 

I am contracted with nationally recognized carriers who have been named a Fortune 500 Company and rated A or better by AM Best Company every year since 1939. Their secret to success: providing exceptional personal service and great value on auto, home, business, and life insurance. I strive to help clients find peace of mind by connecting them to the right policies with the right carrier.


Kurt Kramer

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