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Personal Insurance

Homeowners Insurance
Kramer Insurance will look out for your home and belongings. This policy offers:

  • Competitive pricing with discounts

  • Superior claims service

  • Bundled endorsements to give you some of our most popular coverages

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost (your home will be covered in full if it's damaged or destroyed)

Increase Your Protection With Bundled Endorsements

Here is a sampling of some of the increased limits and additional coverage's that would be available to you:

  • Indentity Recovery and Fraud Reimbursement

  • Increased limits for theft of money

  • Increased limits for theft, misplacing or losing jewelry, guns, silverware, and trading cards

  • Increased limits for theft of media from a vehicle

  • Coverage for lock replacement

Some other options to add to your policy to protect your home and everything in it:

  • Earthquake coverage - This endorsement can be purchased with a percentage deductible of the amount of insurance.
  • Scheduled personal property - Covers items such as jewelry, cameras, musical instruments and fine arts.
  • Sewer and drain back up - Covers a loss caused by water or sewage that back up through sewers or drains or overflows from a sump pump.
  • Blanket Jewelry - Covers your jewelry without making you list and schedule each item.We also offer Bundles that cover items like trailers, watercraft, pets and animals, automatic garage door openers, siding and roofing, building additions and alterations, and personal business property.

Personal Auto Insurance 

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Your car is an essential part of your daily routine.  Whether you're running errands, driving to work or planning a road trip with family or friends, you depend on your vehicle to get you where you're going-safely. If you do get into an accident, you can count on Kramer Insurance and the coverage provided by an experienced carrier's auto insurance policy to get you back on track.

Auto insurance typically covers your vehicle, its contents and legal obligations or medical expenses that may arise from an accident, as well as providing coverage in case the person at fault for the accident is uninsured or under-insured. Kramer Insurance offers auto policies that include extra features that you won't usually find in other companies' policies, like:

  • Coverage for travel costs, including meals and lodging, after a comprehensive covered loss

  • Coverage for damage to a non-owned trailer

  • A comprehensive deductible for windshield repairs that will be waived when a damaged windshield is repaired instead of replaced

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